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Scientology in Clearwater
The Spiritual Headquarters of the Scientology Religion

The Church of Scientology in Clearwater, also called Flag Service Organization (FSO) is a religious retreat which serves as the spiritual headquarters for Scientologists from all over the world. It is the hub of the Scientology worldwide community, a dynamic, multilingual organization and is the largest single church of Scientology in the world.

Historically, when a small group of Church of Scientology staff first came to Clearwater in December 1975, acquiring the Fort Harrison and Clearwater Bank building, no Scientologist lived in the area.

Today, with more than a dozen buildings, the Church of Scientology’s 1,200 staff and more than 2,000 out-of-town visitors in any given week are only a small part of the Scientology community in the City, which is estimated to be in excess of 12,000.

Clearwater is the spiritual headquarters of the Scientology religion. Members of Scientology churches around the world watch satellited broadcasts of events that take place in Clearwater and look forward to coming someday for Scientology training and religious counseling services. Tens of thousands of Scientologists have visited Clearwater over the years, from every one of the United States and almost every country on Earth. Those who visit also promote Clearwater to their friends and families around the world.

A recent economic research study showed that Scientologists spend an estimated $96.7 million annually in direct purchases in the Clearwater community. These direct purchases result in an additional $156.8 million in indirect spending as this money gets re-spent in the community.

The Church of Scientology’s presence in Clearwater has also coincided with a dramatic reduction in crime. Recorded at nearly 50 percent above the Florida average before the Church of Scientology arrived, the Clearwater crime rate has since dropped well below average.


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